Oct. 28, 2022, 8:14 p.m.

Book Launch Event


We’re glad to announce the Launch of the book “Land of a Thousand Stories: Rwandan Narrative Therapy and Community Work”

The book edited by Rwandan narrative practitioners Joseph Kalisa, Beata Mukarusanga and Serge Nyirinkwaya, this powerful book showcases the work of Rwandan counsellors and community workers who have developed innovative ways of responding to mental health struggles and profound social suffering. From the early work of counsellors in Ibuka (the national genocide survivors association) to recent decolonising practice, these stories from the land of a thousand hills will move, challenge and inspire!

Virtual Launch

1st Nov 2022 at 8:00 am Kigali time, Register in advance for this meeting:


In-person Launch

Date: 25th Nov 2022; Venue: Kigali Public Libary; Time: 16Hrs 

Register here https://bit.ly/RwandaBookLaunch

The authors include Benoit Kaboyi, Adelite Mukamana, Chaste Uwihoreye, Beata Mukarusanga, Joseph Kalisa, Claver Haragirimana, Sister Seraphine Kaitesirwa, Serge Nyirinkwaya.

The book is available in print from Dulwich Centre, and as an eBook on Amazon  Or if you are in Rwanda, contact Joseph Kalisa.


  • A living book by Beata Mukarusanga
  • A letter to the reader and to the future by Joseph Kalisa

Early work from Ibuka

  • A small light as we walk this long road: The work of Ibuka An interview with Benoit Kaboyi
  • Recalling the history of the Ibuka counselling team An interview with Adelite Mukamana
  • Principles and stories of the practice of Ibuka Counsellors

Current decolonising practice

  • Supporting genocide survivors and honouring Rwandan healing ways: Our own names, our own prescriptions An interview with Chaste Uwihoreye
  • Broadcasting hope and local knowledge during the pandemic lockdown in Rwanda An interview with Chaste Uwihoreye

The mental health peer work of OPROMAMER

  • Solidarity and friendship An interview with Claver Haragirimana
  • Collective responses to mental health stigma: Sharing lived wisdom by Joseph Kalisa

Culturally congruent forms of practice: Narrative practice innovations from Rwanda

  • Games play and narrative practice: Enabling sparks to emerge in conversations with children and young people who have experienced hard times by Serge Nyirinkwaya
  • Narrative responses to physical pains An interview with Sister Seraphine Kaitesirwa
  • The garden metaphor by Beata Mukarusanga
  • Ways of living and survival by children born out of rape during genocide by Adelite Mukamana


For more information, contact Joseph Kalisa at josephka300@gmail.com