Nov. 15, 2021, 12:08 a.m.



Through the generous support of the Dulwich Centre Foundation (DCF), Geruka Healing Centre (GHC) offers a scholarship to practitioners and community workers whose work contributes to community empowerment through “sustaining hope in the contexts of social suffering” and who wish to increase their skills in responding to children, women, adults, individuals, and communities experiencing hardships.

Eligibility Criteria for the Award

The objective of the scholarship is to provide an opportunity for professionals to improve their clinical and practice skills. The scholarships are open for professionals who intend to pursue a Narrative Therapy and Community Work Course at the University of Rwanda and whose work will contribute to the clinical practice of community practice. The Geruka Healing Centre Committee will select award recipients using the following criteria:

  • Degree of demonstrated commitment to the community practice (meaning demonstrated commitment to working with families, groups and/or communities).
  • Relevance of the intended use of the skills to contribute to clinical practice with families, groups, and communities most in need.

The selection committee will also keep in mind that during the recipient’s career that they demonstrated:

  • a commitment to responding to current social issues facing families.
  • critical reflection
  • determination to carry forth the community practice commitment of seeing people in context and not working with individuals in isolation from their wider relationships.

The process of applying

All applicants for the Geruka scholarship must complete the Application Form. 

Applications are welcomed from a participant who has been selected to take the Narrative Therapy and Community Work course at the University of Rwanda. The participants must be enrolled in the course to receive the scholarship. Click here to apply for the course.

The closing date for application is 30 Dec 2023.

All applications will be assessed by the Geruka Healing Centre Committee.  Notification of application results will be sent out in the 2nd week of January 2024.

  1. An undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline or equivalent; and
  2. Evidence of two years of relevant work experience; and
  3. Statement of up to 100 words by the Applicant describing their community engagement and why this award application; and
  4. A professional referee reports.

NB: Please submit before the deadline and all documents should be uploaded to be considered for the scholarship. Applications that don’t meet all requirements will not be considered.

Amount to be covered by Scholarship

The scholarship will only cover tuition fees for the Narrative Therapy and Community Work Course at the University of Rwanda. If you need extra support during your study, we advise checking with your institution(s) to cover any logistics such as travel, accommodation, etc. if you are not able to cover these yourself. Click here to apply for the Geruka Award.