Sept. 29, 2023

A Five-Day Introductory Course in Narrative Therapy & Community Work!

Event Overview

We are introducing online and physical 5-day intensive training that will provide you with an immersion in the practices of narrative therapy. Narrative therapy centres people as the experts in their own lives and views problems as separate from people {The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem- Michael White}. Narrative approaches assume that people have many skills, knowledge, wisdom, beliefs, values, commitments and abilities to respond to issues affecting their lives. Narrative therapy involves ways of understanding the stories of people’s lives, and ways of re-authoring these stories in collaboration between the practitioner and the people consulting them. Narrative approaches and ideas address serious problems in playful and respectful ways.

These 5-workshops have been specifically designed for those who are relatively new to narrative ways of working or those who have had some exposure to the ideas and would now like the opportunity to more rigorously engage with narrative practices. This course will feature a review of key narrative ideas and practices such as;

  • Externalising conversations: the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem 
  • Re-authoring conversations: telling our stories in ways that make us stronger
  • Outsider-witness practices: linking lives and the use of audiences
  • Re-membering conversations: considering the memberships of our lives
  • Use of therapeutic letters and documents
  • Using local and traditional metaphors in supporting people with hardships.

During these 5-days, you will have an opportunity to learn from therapeutic scripts, tape recordings and materials developed during therapeutic conversations that will give you a real hands-on experience. The trainers are working in diverse contexts responding and offering support to adults, children and families. Materials with detailed descriptions of the previous work will be provided. Participants will have a chance to try out ideas and get feedback from the trainers during the course of 5 days. The 5-day intensive workshop can be attended by different people including counsellors, therapists, mental health nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, social workers, and other community workers… If you’re working with a different or interested in working with a different group, please write to us and we’re happy to help you.

The 5-day intensives will be taught in English and Kinyarwanda. Please select which language you would like to study in and we can try to accommodate you!

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Training Dates 

29th Sept, 30th Sept, 1st Oct, 6th Oct , 7th & 8th Oct

Time: 09hrs -16:30hrs Kigali, Rwanda time (Click here to convert to local time) on Weekends and 16:00hrs - 19hrs Kigali time on Fridays

Training costs:

  • Students (Local undergraduate students Rwf 60,000 or US $60; graduate students Rwf 80,000 or US $80); International students (USD 100)
  • Local Professionals/Participants (Rwf 120,000 or USD 120)
  • Regional Participants (Rwf 150,000 or USD 150)
  • International Participants (USD 250)

Early Bird Discount till 1st Sept 2023

25% Discount for Undergraduate Students

15% Discount for graduate students

20% Discount for a group of 4 and more

** Participants will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the course accreditated by RHPC**

Contact for more information: +250788222522 or Email


Sept. 29, 2023 8 a.m.

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