Our Therapists

Adelite Mukamana

Adelite Mukamana is a clinical psychologist and clinical supervisor. Her work involves lending a listening ear to individuals suffering from mental health issues and walking with them on their way to recovery. It might not be an easy way, but you won't be alone either way. Adelite has vast experience in working with survivors of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi and youth in particular. She has been working with institutions to help their staff deal with work-related stress and supporting individuals with various backgrounds since 2006.

Clarisse Umulisa

Clarisse is a professional counsellor and a therapist. She works with individuals and organizations to help improve overall well-being. Her work entails creating fantastic and transformative experiences through therapeutic sessions, debriefing sessions and clinical supervision for customers. She has experience in trauma and conflict management for peace. I have been championing mental health in the workplace since 2006.

Joseph Kalisa

Joseph is a narrative therapist, community worker and trainer with training in clinical psychology and neuropsychological assessment. He works in supporting and offering clinical supervision to organizations and institutions to create safe spaces for staff and make workspaces favourable for meaningful work. His work involves listening to stories and ways in which people are responding to trauma and other hardships. “No one is a passive recipient of trauma(s)” Michael White. His work with people experiencing grief involves breathing life and voicing the skills and wisdom of dealing with mental health difficulties to individuals with diverse backgrounds. He is engaged in practice research and decolonisation approaches to mental health.

Mukarusanga Beata

Beata Mukarusanga conducts therapy and supervision sessions and coordinates training for mental health professionals in Rwanda and wherever she is invited. She works with SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda to respond to children and young people who have lost or who are at risk of losing parental care and is a consultant at Geruka

Serge Nyirinkwaya

Serge Nyirinkwaya is a Narrative therapist, clinical supervisor and community worker, Serge has an extensive experience in mental health and psychosocial support for children, young people, couples and families. Serge has also trained in child psychodrama, solution-focused therapy, CBT, single-session therapy, crisis intervention and trauma & violence-informed care.