Our People


Adelite Mukamana

With her over two decades of working in the mental health discipline, Adelite directs the Geruka Healing Centre to make it a vibrant centre for valuable mental health resources and clinical services. She is assisting the centre in establishing a brilliant team of mental health experts to deliver mental health care to people in need in Rwanda and beyond. She’s also a senior psychologist at the Prison Fellowship Rwanda.


Joseph Kalisa

Joseph provides direction to mental health services in Rwanda and beyond at the Geruka Healing Centre. He has been working on advancing mental healthcare through navigating stakeholders and driving organizational success. He also leads Capacity Building and Research programs for mental health professionals at the University of Rwanda — Centre for Mental Health.

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

Clarisse Umulisa

With her over one decade of practice and leading mental health services in Rwanda, Clarisse works part-time in our clinical service department at the centre to optimize mental health support for people consulting with us. She works together with our highly professional team in creating an amazing environment at the centre for learning, networking and disseminating clinical knowledge. She’s also an educational psychological support officer at Aegis Trust.

Community Work Intern

Denyse B. Agahozo

Denyse B. Agahozo’s love for stories started at a young age. When she often found herself surrounded by candlelight and stories of faraway places from people who couldn’t be more different from each other. She believes that writing/sharing stories can help us make sense of some of our most unspeakable traumas. Denyse writes a blog called Archive of a Skeptic where she shares her journey through fiction and nonfiction writing in hopes of starting a dialogue around mental health. She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in creative writing. In her free time, Denyse enjoys conversations and long naps. 

Mental Health Practitioner

Umwali Gloria

Gloria Umwali is a mental health advocate and aspiring therapist. She is passionate about sojourning with people on their healing journeys through therapy, with a particular interest in holistic practices and the human capacity to build resilience. Gloria is a part of a youth-led organization called You Matter Initiative, for mental health promotion. Among other interests, she enjoys writing poetry, listening to podcasts and having insightful conversations with peers. Gloria works with Geruka in stretching community mental health services for youth through culturally innovative ways and Youth peer mental health support services.