About us

Geruka Healing Centre was established in 2019 to respond to the mental health and psychosocial needs in the Rwandan Community. We strive to be a premier catalyst for societal mental well-being through psychotherapeutic services that strengthen individuals, families, couples, youth and communities. We are committed to promoting the wellbeing of all people of all ages in honoring and respectful approaches to care.

We are engaging through different initiatives that continue to strengthen the communities we serve through provision of mental health services and community mental health literacy. The latter is done through webinars, live events, workshops, training courses and supervision services. Our therapists and trainers use approaches that are non-discriminative and respecting the individual and collective ways and this is done. Over the last 3 years, Geruka Healing Centre has enjoyed and continue to enjoy the growing partnerships with other institutions and person(s) and those who have used our services continue to highly rate the professionalism and care provided. We have seen a growing number of clients opting for individual support because of our ever-expanding programs that centers people while deconstructing and challenging pathologizing mental health approaches. We continue to register a strong number people seeking our services.

We have a dedicated team of both operational staff and therapists. The team has vast diverse experience of both young and a highly experienced team of over 20 years in providing support to promote wellness. Our team has been working with different institutions such as Universities, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to set up mental health and psychosocial programs, supervision sessions and support plans for people suffering from distresses and challenges before joining our centre.

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Our Vision

Striving to be a premier catalyst for a societal mental wellbeing

Our Mission

is to strengthen individuals, families, couples, youth and community groups by championing mental health through psychotherapeuticservices