Adult Services

Now and then an individual could need help to get back on track with coping skills or to realize one’s potential. You might be experiencing a difficult time and require a little extra help to back you up. Or, you could have been struggling with your mental health for so long and just didn’t see where to move on or who to speak to. Our team is here to help you out.

The Geruka Healing Centre, we are trained to help with a variety of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and more. We are capable of effectively helping you to make progress toward your treatment targets by utilizing empirical practices. You can participate in individual sessions as well as any of a range of therapy and wellness seminars.

Services include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy (with the inclusion of family members if and when appropriate)
  • Psychological Evaluation

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